Bulldogs Making a Difference

Volunteer Spotlight - Wilburn Smith

From an early age, Wilburn Smith was taught the importance of a college degree. His parents advocated education because “they knew it was an important factor in life… college is a must in our family,” said Smith. However, he was not unaware of the problems that existed, and still exist, for many school-aged children.

“I was a very young child when I realized issues surrounding education needed to be addressed,” says Smith.

Volunteer Spotlight- Shavantis Thomas

Volunteer SuperStar Shavantis “Keyta” Thomas is a senior Human Sciences major at Mississippi State University with a concentration in Youth Studies.

Now accepting applications for MSU College Corps

A new opportunity has been created at Mississippi State to earn money for your education while serving our community.  If you are willing to contribute just 10 to 12 hours of community service each week during the school year, you can earn $1,175 that can be used to pay for tuition, loans, or other qualified expenses.

Register now for Service DAWGS Day

Service DAWGS Day is an annual day of service that engages over 500 students in community service activities within the local community. On Service DAWGS Day, students arrive at a central campus location for a brief orientation and light breakfast before being transported to one of over 35 community partner locations to perform three hours of community service. At around lunch time, students are transported back to campus for lunch and other activities. Last year over 1,900 volunteer hours were performed during the annual Service DAWGS Day. The 2014 Service DAWGS Day is scheduled for August 12.