volunteer awards

2019 Volunteer Awards Application

Each year the Maroon Volunteer Center honors students, faculty, and staff for their volunteer commitments during the school year. Several awards are presented for volunteer service completed within the last 12 months, including:

Spirit Awards
· Individual - 50 hours

Individual Excellence in Community Service Awards
·100 hours or more in a 12-month period

Group Excellence in Community Service Awards
- 200+ hours or more in a 12-month period
*Groups must have a minimum of 10 members to be eligible. All groups must have an average of 20 service hours or more per member to be eligible

Distinguished Annual Awards
· Student Volunteer of the Year
· Student Group Effort of the Year
· Student Organization of the Year
· Faculty Volunteer of the Year
· Staff Volunteer of the Year

The Maroon Cord: Click for the application. (Only for students that are graduating in the current semester)

2019 Volunteer Awards Application Information
The 2019 Volunteer Awards Banquet is scheduled for April 17, 2019. All volunteer and groups who wish to be considered must have all hours submitted and verified on OrgSync by April 1 at 12:00 pm. Service hours will be considered for the following time frame: April 6, 2018 - April 1, 2019. Click here for more information on what qualifies as a volunteer/community service hour.

Click here to apply for a 2019 Volunteer Award.