Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Dear MSU students, faculty, staff, and local community members,

Thank you for reaching out to find ways to help each other and send aid to those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Here are some reminders about what to do when disaster strikes:

  • Be patient and be safe. Do not self-deploy into a disaster area. We know you want to help, but food, water, shelter, and transportation are at a premium, and the priority is making sure that first responders and residents can get what they need.
  • Sign up before you show up to volunteer. If you can volunteer, make sure to find an organization active in disaster recovery and sign up.  Capacity is stretched during disasters, and you need to make sure that you can be utilized. It takes time for agencies to begin accepting unskilled volunteers. Visit the link above and sign-up to let these organizations know you are interested in helping when the opportunity becomes available.
  • Donate cash. What most communities need is money, not things. Money offers volunteer agencies the most flexibility in getting the most-needed resources. Find a reputable organization that is supporting the disaster response and recovery and contribute. If you donate goods, organizations will have to spend time, money, and volunteer power to sort and store donations, which can be problematic, especially when storage facilities are sometimes being used as shelters.

For more information and additional ways to help those affected by Hurrican Harvey, visit the Federal Emergency Management Website (FEMA), or follow a link from the list below: