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If you are looking for a unique experience to gain 3 credits of history or humanities, consider registering in the Spring for HI 3343 S01, Delta History and Service Spring Break. This class is open to all undergraduate students that are looking for something different during spring break.

Imagine a class so powerful that it allowed you to understand the past, see the future, and realize your potential to make a difference in the world - today.  Earn three credits of history/humanities while exploring the storied past of the Mississippi Delta.

Watch the 3 min trip video.

During Spring Break, MSU students will travel to the Mississippi Delta to live history, see the future, and make a difference in the lives of others. They will begin their week with Sunday worship experiences in traditionally white and black churches. In the days that follow, the students will further embrace the rich history and culture of the Mississippi Delta during Blues, Civil Rights, and Native-American history experiences.

Students will feel the contrasting power and peace of the Mighty Mississippi while paddling in 30-ft handmade canoes with Quapaw Canoe Company. Participants will explore the Delta’s complementing and conflicting facets of natural resource management, modern agribusiness, local fresh-food initiatives, and high-tech manufacturing.  Most importantly, throughout the entire week, students will be making a positive difference in the lives of others by completing a range of service-learning projects with youth development programs, Mississippi River conservation groups, locally grown food initiatives, and health education organizations.

Upon returning to campus, students will continue to meet weekly to engage recognized local, regional, and national experts who will guide them in developing an even deeper understanding of a variety of topics affecting the Mississippi Delta, including: religion, public health, race relations, poverty, education, natural resource conservation, and public policy.

Finally, students will complete their semester-long intellectual voyage with a greater understanding of how a small swath of Mississippi can open a window to their soul and serve as a microcosm for every community in our Nation by highlighting achieved dreams, missed opportunities, and the power that each of us holds to make an authentic and significant difference in the world.

Class information: HI 3343 Sec. S01, Delta History Service Spring Break
Class Scheduled: Tuesday nights from 3:30pm-4:45pm & spring break trip
Trip Cost: $200 billed to your student account (covers all trip expenses, including food, lodging, and transportation)
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For more information contact:
Alexis Hampton
Graduate Assistant for the Maroon Volunteer Center
Office of Student Leadership & Community Engagement