MSU Food Security Network

Mississippi State University Food Security Network logoThe Mississippi State University Food Security Network (FSN) and Block By Block connect students and employees in need to food resources within the community. Last year 190 individuals were provided with food resources through the FSN. In total, FSN and Block by Block distributed 3,800 meals to students in need.




Connect students, faculty, and staff who lack food to available food resources.

Provide a set schedule of distribution for local food pantries in the area.

Increase student donations and volunteer efforts within local food pantries.
Increase the food security of MSU community

Block by Block we can build something bigger than ourselves

Partnership with Block By Block

The Block by Block Meal Program is a virtual food bank created by the Student Association that provides meal assistance to students who are in need. Students who contact FSN/Block by Block in need of food assistance will receive block meals at Fresh Foods or Perry Cafeteria. All students with a valid meal plan can donate two block meal per year to this program. For more information,

How to Contact the Network

Members of the MSU community can email the MSU Food Security Network or stop by the Maroon Volunteer Center (MVC) in 306 Moseley Hall and request information. A staff member will meet with the participant individually, and assist him or her with the application process.

Miracle Gandy
Maroon Volunteer Center
(662) 325-1820