SO 4153: Mentoring At-Risk Youth

Want to be a Mentor? Register for SO 4153: Mentoring for At-Risk Youths

Interested in being a mentor and earning class credit? MSU has partnered with Armstrong Middle School to place junior and senior level students in one-on-one mentoring relationships with at-risk juveniles in the community.

This course gives MSU students the opportunity to learn about mentoring and use those skills in a practical, real-world setting while earning volunteer hours and academic credit (the course is cross-listed SO/CRM/SLCE).

As part of this course, students will participate in one hour and 15 minutes of in-class lecture per week, and spend four hours per week as a mentor to middle-school youth that are considered high-risk.

Interested? Register in the spring for SO/CRM 4153: Mentoring for At-Risk Youths. Note that this is a special course that requires professor approval, so please email Dr. David May or Mrs. Meggan Franks with your interest and intent to register at or